Losing It

Mike the headless chicken

brought in fifty-six thousand dollars a month

from people paying a quarter

to see him, this was nineteen forty-five

the war was over, twenty-five cents

was a lot, but times were good

and only going to get better

in America, we got Chevrolet

and the Atom Bomb, and a headless chicken

attracting more tourists than a castle would over in one of them

Europeeun countries, twenty-five cents a pop,

anyone can make a fortune if they just add it all up

and now, over a half a hundred years later,

a woman who has lost a tooth, and her phone,

and her job, and her son, and both her daughters, and all

her grandchildren, and both her parents, and both her brothers,

and soon the roof over her head, stands in Martin’s

with a borrowed contraption, trying to connect

to wireless WiFi,

trying to get a message out

and no one would pay a dime,

not even a penny, shucks, they could

watch her lose her both her head and her mind for free

but they don’t bother to stop and pay her any notice at all

and this is why, they say,

the extraterrestrials who are looking on

haven’t bothered making contact

with the likes of us