The One Poem in the World

You had a favourite poem

once but can’t

find it it was blue, the cover

and the author was Marco Polo something or other

but wait, there was another one another


which is your favourite

what about the early ones your first words from masters

Donne and Blake

who would you take – isn’t this what it comes down to – to a desert island

or is that deserted island, people say desert, what about

a thesaurus take that

instead of a favourite poem

but okay, yes,

this is not a trip

to a beach where the mermaids sing each to each

but not for you

what about that white book with the thin words on the front, a tinge of pink

some southern man

or another – here’s what to do, look through

all the books, forget covers and names

don’t read the poems,

rather look in the margins for your own pressing slant: find the poem

that made you have to write.

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