Same Window, New View

There is something burning yellow flames
against Turid’s wall where before
was green

The hedge that finally camouflaged
her laundry line has been chopped
and shorn

Holes in the papyrus leaves
that hang like wet parchment
curling in

The magpies have turned
first into crows and now into

There was a longing for you
an ache, a tear in the sky one spring
long ago

Now you are in the kitchen clinking pans
pulling drawers, shuffling spoons, soon you will call
tea time!

Or, because you think I am occupied with some
important word-work, you will slip in, take the cup
fill it

Bring me my meds in a small dish shaped like a leaf
saying out of sight, out of mind! which means
don’t forget

And I have forgotten what it looked like outside my window
when there was no yellow no green nothing to write on
no you

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