Digitalis Obscura

one shot was of her dancing feet turned
elegantly inward like paired swans
she wore high heels
and roller skates
and flew upwards, backwards
as I caught her in my lens
but there was sand, mud on the glass
I rubbed it clean with my shirt corner and spit

the camera had been tossed on the ground
so many times during this scene
which had a horse in it and children
and swings and a two dimensional sand lot
I was among the visitors or the only visitor
to these old familiar friends

at the moment we tune in to the scene
I am leaving or preparing to leave
perhaps it is the round of goodbyes
that takes on a circus show aspect
with the woman, my friend, someone
who loved and appreciated me, dancing
from end to end of the canvas

there was a straw duck, like an egg basket
for the breakfast table, but seated by it
a real duck with an emerald eye took position
like a mirrored reflection, a complimentary
Janus if I could position the shot just right

the scene ended before I ever got to leave
or to find out if my camera lens showed only mud
or to remember what was so wonderful about this
place, all these people among whom I belonged
but nonetheless was just passing through

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